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Fall Assembly

ARHU's fall 2023 assembly for faculty and staff will share updates about news and achievements across the college.

The College of Arts & Humanities Assembly

Dean Shonekan

Dean Shonekan invites all ARHU faculty and staff to kick off the new academic year at the Fall 2023 Assembly on Wednesday, September 20, 2023 from 12-2 pm. This gathering takes the place of the convocation event from years past and will include an interactive program aimed at stimulating conversation and building community. 

On the theme of “The Harmony of Interdisciplinarity,” the assembly will focus on imagining a future where interdisciplinary work galvanizes us forward as a college. All ARHU faculty and staff are encouraged to attend and provide input. We will also briefly recognize new members of the community and service award recipients. Box lunches will be provided. 

Please note this event is for ARHU faculty and staff only.

State of the College of Arts and Humanities 2023