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Find the latest news and information from around the college, including student experiences, faculty research and awards, and alumni updates.

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Mellon Grant Supports Values-Based Metrics Initiative to Transform Higher Education

August 16, 2019 College of Arts and Humanities, Women's Studies

International partnership supports development and implementation of new methods for assessing humanities and social science research.

The New York Times

The Complex History of the Women’s Suffrage Movement

August 15, 2019 History

As the 19th Amendment turns 100, three exhibitions in Washington explore the contentious — and unfinished — struggle for voting rights.

Huff Post

How Watermelon's Reputation Got Tangled In Racism

August 02, 2019 American Studies

Imagery has the power to turn a seemingly innocent depiction of fruit into the stereotyping of an entire group of people.

Management Today

Getting bored could be the most productive thing you do today

July 31, 2019 American Studies

We try to eliminate waiting time, but these periods of forced idleness are the key to unlocking innovation, says professor Jason Farman.

Dance Magazine

6 Things Dance Majors Should Do As They Prepare To Graduate

July 24, 2019 School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies

University of Maryland students are encouraged to take outside classes.

The Washington Post

Sew Queer class in D.C. is all about breaking gender rules for clothing

July 23, 2019 American Studies

Molly Stratton, who identifies as transmasculine, recently launched a business called "Sew Queer," which offers a series of tailoring classes designed to helping transgender/genderqueer people learn how to alter their clothing to better fit their gender.

The Washington Post

Sew Queer class in D.C. is all about breaking gender rules for clothing

July 23, 2019 American Studies

"Gender differences are deeply entrenched in clothing styles in the West and appear even for children as young as toddlers."

Maryland Today

Four Strings Around the [Virtual] World

July 09, 2019 School of Music

Immersive digital settings form backdrop for violin professor's performances.

Historian Wins Book Prizes for Research on Soviet Kazakhstan

July 08, 2019 History

Sarah Cameron illuminates the causes and consequences of a devastating 1930s famine.

Mellon Foundation Awards $2M to Advance Black Studies and Digital Humanities

July 08, 2019 African American History, Culture and Digital Humanities

Grant will expand research and mentor-training programs.