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Our graduate students are the recipients of numerous external funding grants from the Ford Foundation and the Smithsonian to Mellon/ACLS, Fulbright and the NSF, as well as research and fellowship awards within the College and UMD's Graduate School.

From 2010-2015, ARHU students have won the following:

  • 8 Distinguished Dissertation Awards 
  • 68 Wylie Dissertation Awards
  • 91 Summer Research Fellows
  • 15 McNair Fellows
  • 39 Flagship Fellows
  • Endowed Awards:
    • 3 Mabel Spencer Award for Excellence in Graduate Achievement;
    • 2 Phi Delta Gamma Graduate Fellowships
    • 3 Michael Pelczar Award for Excellence in Graduate Study
  • 10 Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellows 
  • 8 All-STAR Fellows

What is research in the arts and humanities? 

The answer to this persistent question is found in the everyday creative, cultural and intellectual work of our students and faculty.

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