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Honors Humanities Living and Learning Program

Honors Humanities is a highly selective undergraduate program at the University of Maryland for academically talented students from diverse majors who share a passion for the arts and humanities and who desire a well-rounded education.

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Welcome to Honors Humanities!

Launched in 1996 and located in beautiful Anne Arundel Hall, Honors Humanities is part of the Honors College and the College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Maryland. Explore our website for information and resources for prospective students, current students, alumni, and supporters.   

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Prospective Students

Interested in becoming an Honors Humanities Student?

Honors Humanities seeks incoming UMD freshmen from all majors and backgrounds who are passionate about the the arts and humanities and who want the experience of living and learning in a tight-knit, diverse, energetic community. 


Current Students

Information for Current Students

Resources, events, opportunities, and announcements for current students in Honors Humanities. 




Honors Humanities Staff

Learn more about the Honors Humanities staff.



Entering freshmen participate by invitation in Honors Humanities, a highly selective, two-year living-learning program for academically talented students who come from majors across campus and who share a passion for the arts and humanities and a desire for a well-rounded education. The program is organized around a diverse and interdisciplinary curriculum of four classes that culminate in an independent research, service, or creative project (the "Keystone Project") that a student designs and carries out with the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Honors Humanities provides students with engaging classes, fun extracurricular activities, life-long friendships, a lively home in beautiful Anne Arundel Hall, and opportunities to take advantage of the intellectual, social, and cultural riches of the Washington, D.C. region. Upon completion of the program, students earn an Honors Humanities citation on their college transcript, giving them a competitive edge for graduate school and the job market in law, engineering, education, medicine, non-profit leadership, business, and beyond! 

Why Preference Honors Humanities?

If you're a high-school senior trying to decide which Honors College program to choose, you should consider preferencing Honors Humanities if you are passionate about things like music, law, movies, literature, or history, and if you want your application to stand out when you apply for internships, grad school, or jobs.

Whether you're planning to major in computer science, biology, math, music, psychology, or business, Honors Humanities will give you a well-rounded education, lifelong friends who share your interests, and a home in Anne Arundel Hall, one of the best dorms on the UMD campus!  


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