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Role Reversal

March 15, 2019 School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies

MD Today TDPS Backwards

Performers put nontraditional spin on Broadway, Hollywood tunes.

By Sarah Snyder | Maryland Today | Photos by David Andrews

It’s not every day that an audience gets to see one performer take on both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s parts from the “A Star Is Born” Oscar-winning hit “Shallow.” Or hear the witches Elphaba and Glinda’s soulful duet “For Good” from the hit musical “Wicked” sung by two men.

But during TDPS Backwards, a performance presented Wednesday by the Undergraduate Theatre Artists Society (UTAS) in the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, performers upended gender norms by singing any song of their choosing.  

Read the complete story and view the photo album in Maryland Today.

Photo: Justin Alston and Andrew Saundry perform “For Good” as Elphaba and Glinda from “Wicked” during Wednesday's TDPS Backwards event, when performers shattered gender norms by singing songs of their choosing.  (David Andrews via Maryland Today)