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The college offers a number of resources and services to support faculty in their grant seeking efforts.

Our team can help faculty develop grant proposals and fellowships by: 

  • Performing prospect research, such as identifying potential funders for projects, research, and fellowships.
  • Offering editing, proofreading, revisions, and other development for proposal narratives in all draft stages.
  • Facilitating connections with other university collaborators.
  • Meeting with Principal Investigators (PIs) at the start of their grant preparation process to discuss internal routing procedures and timeline.
  • Working with PIs to reach out to sponsors to learn more about a specific opportunity.
  • Offering proposal development workshops.
  • Meeting with PIs to discuss the questions in the solicitation and how to approach and/or outline the narrative.
  • When required, working with the Dean and/or President to obtain approval/signature on necessary letters of support.
  • Additional services offered to PIs in collaboration with their departmental business officers include budget review and accuracy checks (initial budget should be created with your business manager). 

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Grant Services Contacts

Meghann Babo-Shroyer

Proposal Development Manager, College of Arts and Humanities


Kelly Flanagan

Assistant Director for Sponsored Research, College of Arts and Humanities

1107 Francis Scott Key Hall
College Park MD, 20742

(301) 405-5920