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According to the U.S. Department of State “International exchanges are, without question, the best way to build lasting ties of international understanding and friendship, as well as to prepare for success in an increasingly interconnected global economy and workforce. . . Study abroad. It could change your life, and your country.”

Studying Abroad:

  • Provides you with opportunities for learning in a culturally different educational system
  • Allows you to lead responsibly, collaborate abroad and compete in the global arena
  • Exposes you to foreign language skills, cross-cultural understanding and an appreciation of our diverse and interconnected world
  • Makes you more employable by increasing your global awareness 

ARH-U Ready?

Before you go

  • Speak with your major advisor and an ARHU advisor about when the best time is for you to go abroad. Your advisors can help you include studying abroad in your graduation plan.
  • Find out about financial aid and scholarship information.
  • Search available programs. You may meet with an Education Abroad advisor to further discuss which programs meet your interests and needs.
  • Apply to a study abroad program.
  • Once accepted, complete the Study Abroad Course Approval Process with Education Abroad, your major advisor(s) and an ARHU Study Abroad advisor.
  • Complete a Global Engagement (GE) Contract if you plan to fulfill the requirement with your study abroad experience. Note: GE contracts ARE NOT retroactive, and must be completed in advance of your departure if you plan to complete the requirement abroad.

While you are abroad

  • Contact Paula Nadler with any course changes.
  • Send pictures of your experience if you want to be highlighted on our website’s Study Abroad page (include your name and the location of photo; legal photos only).
  • Programs and grading methods may differ; contact your Education Abroad Advisor regarding your particular program’s grading policies.
  • Keep a journal/blog of all your experiences and cultural observations to assist with marketing your study abroad program to future employers.
  • Check your email and Testudo for information about registration for the following semester and happenings on campus. ARHU will lift any advising blocks for you while you are gone, but you will need to be aware of other blocks that might exist.
  • Remember to check financials in Testudo prior to registration.
  • Find opportunities to get involved in your community abroad!

When you return

  • Verify that your transcript from your host institution has been sent and received by UMD.
  • Meet with your major and ARHU advisors to reconnect and review your remaining requirements.
  • Re-engage with UMD and contribute a profile for the ARHU study abroad page.
  • Search for additional opportunities abroad.
  • View the ARHU Resource Guide for students studying abroad.
  • Volunteer to be a peer mentor with the Education Abroad Office.

Study Abroad Contact

Paula Nadler

Assistant Director, College of Arts and Humanities

1120 Francis Scott Key Hall
College Park MD, 20742

(301) 405-2108