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The College of Arts and Humanities (ARHU) Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Board serves the college by representing the undergraduate ARHU student in monthly meetings with the dean. Students on the board act as liaisons with their ARHU departments, keeping the dean aware of concerns, issues and activities within the college.

Undergraduate Deans Advisory Board 2019-20

2019-20 Board Members

Emil Melia Art

Emil Melia

Emil Melia '20 is a studio art major.

Gabriel Cerdeira Philosophy

Gabriel Cerdeira

 Gabriel Cerdeira '20 is a philosophy major.

Ilona Ehrlich History

Ilona Ehrlich

Ilona Ehrlich '20 is a history major.

Liyanga DeSilva English

Liyanga DeSilva

Liyanga DeSilva '20 is an English major.

Marian Geiger Womens Studies

Marian Geiger

Marian Geiger '21 is a women's studies major.

Marisa Fried Linguistics

Marisa Fried

Marisa Fried '21 is a linguistics major.

Matthew Ober Music

Matthew Ober

Matthew Ober '22 is a music major.

Megan Lockwood Classics

Megan Lockwood

Megan Lockwood '21 is a classics major.

Philippos Sourvinos

Philippos Sourvinos

 Philippos Sourvinos '21 is a theatre major.

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller '21, Art History and Archaeology

Sarah Miller '21 is an art history and archaeology major.

Daisy Yu

Daisy Yu '22, Communication

Daisy Yu '22 is a communication major.

Advisory Board Contact

Tiara Lowe

Senior Academic Advisor, College of Arts and Humanities

1120 Francis Scott Key Hall
College Park MD, 20742

(301) 405-2108