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Current/prospective ARHU students may take the Proctored FLPA for course placement or exemption from the ARHU Global Engagement Requirement in any of the following languages:

Note: You may only take the assessment twice for each language. Both online and proctored attempts count towards this limit.

Additionally, you may only take the FLPA for each language once per term:

  • Summer/fall term: June 1st - December 31st
  • Winter/spring term: January 1st - May 31st

For an accurate assessment, do not guess (it is acceptable to leave answers blank). Your highest score will determine your placement and you must take the course in which you place.

The FLPA adheres to the UMD Code of Academic Integrity.

You will need an active Directory ID to register in advance for the 60 minute Proctored FLPA*. If you are late for the scheduled start time, you will need to register for another exam . You must place above the bold and underlined course on the ARHU Global Engagement Requirement sheet in a Proctored FLPA for exemption from the ARHU Global Engagement Requirement . Contact ARHU to review your results and possible exemption.

*If you are a returning student and need to reset your password, go to You must be re-admitted or re-enrolled prior to registering for a proctored FLPA.