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Staff Council


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All Arts and Humanities staff are invited to the Best Friend Breakfast.

Save the date: August 25th -- ARHU Staff Happy Hour at MilkBoy Art House


The Arts and Humanities Staff Council serves as Staff advocate to facilitate a healthy and civil work culture in the College of Arts and Humanities.




C Lorenzo Evans, arhu staff council chair

Lorenzo Evans [Chair], Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Tavia McRoy, arhu staff council member

Tavia McRoy, National Foreign Language Center

Tiara Lowe, arhu staff council member

Tiara Lowe, Arts and Humanities Student Affairs

Lisa Klein, arhu staff council member

Lisa Klein, Department of History

Josiland Chambers, arhu staff council co-chair

Josiland Chambers, School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Wendy Hall, Center for Race, Gender & Ethnicity

Christina Castle, arhu staff council member

Christina Castle, Department of Communication