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Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee (APT)

The committee consists of five members, appointed by the dean with the advice and consent of the Collegiate Council. All members hold the rank of full professor. Members serve one year, and may be reappointed by the dean, with the advice and consent of the Collegiate Council, for one successive year.

Functions of the Committee:

The committee shall deliberate in confidence and shall then make written recommendations on all cases of tenure, promotion, or appointments to the ranks of associate and full professor. The committee shall conduct its business in accordance with the policies set out in "The UMCP Policy on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure of Faculty" (approved by the Chancellor March 26, 1993) and the "College of Arts and Humanities APT Procedures" (approved by Collegiate Council in October, 1993).

Committee Members:

Additional Councils & Committees

 *NOTE: The Collegiate Council is a parliamentary body, in which members are identified by and representative of the various instructional units within the college.  All other committees (APAC, APT, CNT, PCC) are non-parliamentary bodies.