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Access to


This page outlines the step to connect to ARHU web server is the web server ARHU uses to host non-Drupal websites. To host a Drupal website with ARHU, please refer here for more details: <insert URL>

Accessing to

The steps below applies to the case where your site is already hosted on and you are trying to connect to it to make changes.

Step 1: Request permission to access the server

You must email to request access to In the email, include the following information:

  • URL: list the URL of your website here
  • Department: which department/unit sponser the website?
  • Tech contact: who is the primary technical contact for the website?
  • Users: list the users who need access. For each user, provide their name, UMD directory id (not the 9-digit number, the login id), and email address in case we need to contact the user
  • When you need the access to take effective

Step 2: Receive connection parameters

Within one to two business days, you will receive the following connection parameters:

  • Server:
  • Directory Path: /export/www/<your specific path>
  • Login with your UMD directory ID & password
  • Make sure to use Secure-FTP
  • The directory path is case sensitive, make sure you type in the exact path specified above

You must have a FTP client that supports Secure-FTP. We recommend the following:

For Windows:

For Mac

** We will support the above clients if you run into issues connecting to the server.

Step 3: Connecting to zeus

If you are on campus and are connected either to ethernet or UMD wireless network, you can simply open up your FTP client, enter the above connection parameters and connect to the server.

If you are off campus, you must login to UMD Virtual Private Networking (VPN) since the web server has a firewall. 

For Windows:

For Mac

Once installed, login to "UMD" group with your UMD Directory id and password, then bring up your FTP client to access your website. 

If you run into any issues connecting to zeus, first check the "Troubleshooting" section below for some common errors. If your error is not listed below, see "Contact Us" section on how to contact us for more support.


Some common errors encountered by users:

  1. Getting the following error from the FTP client:

"Server responded "No further authentication methods available.".  NO more authentication methods available.

Solution: Will need to use keyboard authentication. Please following instructions here:

Contact Us

Please email with the following info:

  1. URL of the site you are trying to access
  2. Are you on a Mac or PC? And which FTP client tool are you using?
  3. Brief description of the problem you encountered. Example, unable to connect to zeus, receiving error message xxx
  4. Provide the connection parameters you used to connect:
    • server name:
    • directory path: xxx
    • your UMD login id
  5. screen shot containing the error message if possible