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julie greene

Maryland Room, Marie Mount Hall
Wed, 4/13/11 - 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

The Center for the History of the New America Forum features speakers Ira Berlin and Julie Greene.

Thu, 7/26/18
Adventures during the Organization of American Historian's China Residency Program.
Julie Greene provides historical context for Trump's recent comments on immigration.
Mon, 12/18/17
From History of the Panama canal; its construction and builders, 1915. Internet Archive Book Images / Flickr via Jacobin.
Julie Greene on how America’s imperial quest for labor shaped the hemisphere’s working class.
Standing with Immigrants in Nebraska - Julie Greene
Despite a historically conservative identity, a pro-immigrant political culture in Nebraska is growing.
Panama canal laborers, via Jacobin Magazine.
Donald Trump might not know it, but the United States didn't build the Panama Canal. Workers did.
Ilustration by Brian G. Payne
The new Center for the History of the New America in ARHU will examine the resurgence of an immigrant society in the United States.
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