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2017-18 Arts & Humanities: Courageous Conversations with Mara Liasson

Courageous Conversations: ARHU Resists Hate and Bias
Hate and bias are persistent global problems. What does it look like to engage in courageous conversations that speak to these difficult realities across personal, political, and historical frames? The 2017-18 Arts and Humanities Dean’s Lecture Series (DLS) provides an opportunity for the campus to join together for provocative conversations about these issues across disciplines.
View highlights from the third conversation in this DLS focused on 'The Political' with award-winning journalist and National Public Radio (NPR) political correspondent, Mara Liasson (@MaraLiasson). 
Liasson, with over 30 years of experience reporting on the White House and Congress, presented: “The Political Landscape: Dealing with Hate and Bias in Washington.” 
Co-sponsored by the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland.
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