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Kate Spanos teaching children on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.

Sarah Binns | Academic Stories

"You’ve heard of the expression “the right place at the right time”...right? Well, in Dr. Kate Spanos’ case, it was a matter of being the right person for the right project. Kate’s story is a little unique. She always knew she wanted to get a PhD (like both her parents) but it took some time to find her field. She completed her undergraduate degree in cognitive science and computer science at the University of Virginia, but wasn’t convinced that they were fields she wanted to pursue in graduate school. She got a job in e-commerce marketing and web development, but kept contemplating a Master’s program in traditional Irish dance performance at the University of Limerick that had been in the back of her mind for years. As a lifelong Irish dancer, Kate decided that she had to apply to the program or she would later regret it. She was accepted and went to Limerick with the plan to complete the Master’s then go back to web development."

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