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Fatemeh Keshavarz | The Diamondback

"With the continued allegations of sexual harassment and assault on women and men in America, it feels like the floodgate has opened. While this is sad and shocking, it is also a crucial step toward learning and healing. If we give it the serious attention it deserves, this deluge could be the beginning of an end.

"Coercive cultural behaviors such as sexual harassment generate confusion and ambivalence. They are often carried out away from the public eye and by persons of significant social stature. When these acts come to light, they carry an air of shock and surprise. In one sense, they are revelations. In another, they are old. They have been painfully familiar to their victims — and all the victims who have experienced them in silence over the years. This is where we are today. A few courageous voices have been heard and a few doors have opened. The question is: Where do we go from here? How do we turn the shock, pain and embarrassment into something good, something of a teachable moment? After all, education is what we do here."

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Image: Tables in Cornerstone Grill and Loft were covered in tweets from the #MeToo movement for Preventing Sexual Assault's Real Talk event on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017. (Alex Spadacenta/For The Diamondback)

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